The first two decades of independent India witnessed a remarkable growth and expansion of

core industries. However ,   much of the engineering tools were still being imported , leading

to undesirable escalation of costs.

In the early Sixties our  family  of  engineers  thought  of  taking  the  lead  in  manufacturing 

indigenous  tools  having    high  precision. Our initial  efforts  yielded   pioneering  rewards ,

with  the  successful  production  of calipers   and  steel  squares  made in  India . This  early

success    then   took   a   corporate   shape   as   Steel   Tools   Corporation  .  We   launched  SAMRAT samrat  Tools .  Within   a   modest   span   of    time  ,   SAMRAT  became   a   competitive   force  to  reckon  with ,  in  terms   of  precision  and   reliability   and our  sales

network spread all over India.

Infact , in  the  next  two decades or so , all  our  energies  were  focused at meeting  the high

demand of  SAMRAT Tools, not   only in India but also in neighboring  countries - Bangladesh

and Sri Lanka . Our tools  competed with imported brands     and  won handsome contracts in

critical sectors such as heavy engineering , automotive and defence.

In 1984 , the invincible track record of SAMRAT Tools in  India  forged an ambitious vision : To

enter overseas markets and compete with the worlds best .

 Accordingly SOLAR ENTERPRISES was born .

Very  soon , as  expected  Solar  attained  the  niche  of   a   winning  brand accepted  

and  recommended  by  a  large  of  buyers  in  Australia  and  Asia - Pacific   region . To them

SOLAR    stands    for   quality   at    par  with   JIS DIN  and  BS   standards   ,   exact  

specifications   excellent    performance    and   therefore   total    customer   satisfaction . 

The   pursuit   of   excellence   has   been   relentless   for  SOLAR  ,  with  new   products  for

advanced  applications  being   added  on  a  continual  basis . Ambitious  plans for expansion

and growth are underway .

Brimming with enthusiasm  and  dynamism , the  technical  and professional workforce of  the

Company are rearing  to cross  the seas and sweep across the major marketplaces around the

world .

 Corporate Profile